Отправьте запрос на предложение

Отправьте запрос на предложение

Отправьте запрос на предложение

Заполните информацию ниже, укажите размеры, материал и другие сведения, касающиеся изготовления необходимой детали. Для отправки заказа обычно хватает запрошенных сведений. На данном этапе чертеж и изображение детали необязательны. Позднее вы можете отправить нам более подробные изображения или чертежи по факсу, почтой или электронной почтой.


Number of pieces required
We can make a tender with up to four series sizes but one series size is sufficient.

Below you can see some examples and recommendation for measurement. You can tick the form(s) closest to your object if desired:

1. Easy form.

2. Inner length easy if short (approx. 8 mm). More difficult if longer.

3. Outer angles are sharp. Inner corners R > 3 mm.

4. The form is not complicated but it requires two different tools and two work phases.

5. The bend at the outer edge rounds off the sharp edge and strengthens it.

6. The form requires two different tools and two work phases.

7. Easy if the vertex angle is > 60 degrees. A sharper angle is also possible.

8. Bending the smaller end requires a separate tool and an extra work phase.

9. Easy if the height is less than half of the diameter.

10. The form requires a demountable mould. The tool and parts needed are expensive.

11. A hemisphere is relatively easy to make. Stainless steel and brass can be problematic materials.

12. A spherical cap is easier to make than a hemisphere. The brim can be strengthened with a bend or a flange.

13. The trumpet shape of the lower half is easy. The long upper half is more difficult.

14. The form is difficult. At the top there should be an approx. 25 mm long straight part.

15. Cone ok if the cylinder is < 8 mm.

Description of the object(s)
Here you can give a more precise description of the form and measurements of your object.
We will contact you if we need any more information for making a tender.

E.g. “a cone whose height is 300 mm. The diameter of the larger end is 450 mm. At the larger end there is a 300 mm wide flange like part. The smaller end of the cone is 100 mm. The end is otherwise solid but in the middle there is a hole whose diameter is 30 mm.”