Metal spinning

The concept of metal spinning

With the help of a tempered steel roll, a round slab of metal is pressed on top of a rotating mould in the form of the desired object

Usually, the moulds are made from ordinary untempered steel. To obtain better surface quality and hardness it is often good to temper the tools used and it is almost always necessary temper tools made from stainless steel. It is possible, however, to make the tools of a model series out of even wood.

As the picture shows, objects of many sizes and forms can be made by metal spinning. 

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The concept of metal spinning

Metal spinning is a metalworking process by which a disc of metal can be formed into a solid of revolution with low costs and high proficiency. In addition to metal spinning, our expertise covers deep drawing, bending and mangling as well as forming sheet metal with off-centre presses and punching machines.

The slabs of metal are cut into round shapes with e.g. NC circular shears as seen in the picture.

The sheet is forced on top of the mould by a steel roll either automatically or by hand as seen in the picture.

Off-centre press is often used in connection with metal spinning.

Modern CNC machines are strong and fast.

A metal spinning tool is cheap and the setups are easy to make.


Manual metal spinning requires skill 
On this video you will see how a 1 mm thick cold rolled sheet becomes an air ventilation valve. Manual metal spinning is a profession that cannot be learned from books; it requires many years of practise. 

Metal spinning is a surprisingly fast and cost efficient method 
On this video you will see how a 0.75 mm thick sheet of metal is turned into a pan. First, a wooden tool is used to make reinforcement at the edge of the metal slab to prevent wrinkling. At the end of the video a round bend is made at the edge of the pan to stiffen the edge.

CNC metal spinning lathe 
On this video you will see how a CNC machine works. CNC machines are precise, fast and strong. On the video a case for an air purifier is being made from a 1 mm thick sheet of metal.